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Solutions for a

sustainable future in Eyewear

GreenOpticalPlanet Consultant services

Our work for a greener, more sustainable, eyewear industry is aimed at presenting the best in class ranges of sustainable raw materials, as well as establishing seamless supply chain availability. We understand the opportunities and the blockers our clients face when they take steps towards a greener offering to the market.


We advise and assist our clients in establishing verifiable green sources within their supply chain. We promote a partnership approach between the supply links in order to present clear chains of custody in order to enable and qualify for certification programs.


We monitor the progress of all new raw materials and improved production techniques. This way we are able to recommend a range of the best possible  options available today, while confidently pointing towards the best options for an even better tomorrow.


Using a range of manufacturers, we establish testing of the raw materials we recommend and we suggest the best quality and most affordable options.


We offer clear steps to transition from conventional to sustainable products. 

We are pragmatic and practical in our approach to sustainability. 

We work within the realm of the possible, while constantly researching the new and upcoming.

We believe in a multi-pronged approach to the successful transition to greener products. We introduce the quick wins, while promoting a longer term plan for the creation and implementation of a sustainable range of products.

About us
Tropiske Blade

Green Optical Planet is a group of industry veterans, dedicated to a sustainable future. We come with an extensive knowledge of the global eyewear manufacturing base and their suppliers.

We are focused on complementing your existing in house resources, in pursuit of your green objectives and a sustainable world.

Trends and Spaces to Watch

When Sustainability means more to you than a cleaner nature

then B Corp might be the right certification for your company

a growing number of single brand eyewear companies are

traveling this route, learn why by clicking the link below 


SILMO NEXT 2020 now published their sustainable 


A collection of bio-sourced, recycled, recyclable materials… to reduce the environmental impact of products.


Here at GreenOpticalPlanet we are so please to have participated in the recommendation and validations of some of the featured raw materials, as well as we are featured in one of the Futurology talks. Have a look around the SILMO NEXT 2020 online platform below

Skærmbillede 2020-09-28 kl. 17.35.02.png


- the sustainability edition

Launching in the month of October 


Silmo 2020 will this year be organised through an online platform with 5 spaces, each representing a particular focus for the eyewear future and for responsible practices.

During the month of October The Silmo Next will publish ongoing content into each space.

Space 2 is named Futurology and will focus on techno-responsibility, and this space will contain a a raw material library, and feature a series of videos and interviews, all with sustainability focus. 

"Thanks to this Green Bond, Arkema gives investors the opportunity to contribute to the development of sustainable solutions in specialty materials, and confirms its leadership in terms of sustainability and innovation."

Virginie Delcroix, 

VP Sustainable Development, Arkema

Creating Green Investment Oppertunities.

Arkema has successfully placed its inaugural Green Bond. The initiative was more than 10 times oversubscribed.

September 2020


Arkema successfully placed its first ever Green Bond fully dedicated to the financing of its new world-scale plant in Singapore to manufacture 100% bio-based Rilsan® polyamide 11. For a total amount of €300 million, this Green Bond has a maturity of 6 years and an annual coupon of 0.125%.  See this article:

Climate neutral certified.png

Fast-track solution to join and claim CO2 reductions and even CO2 neutrality.

August 2020


Companies can now pay to offset their carbon emissions immediately, and fund the climate change solutions needed to reach a world with zero net carbon emissions. See this article:

1ftp_Primary_Horizontal_Blue (2).png


65% of consumers will pay more for brands committed to positive environmental change. 

August 2020


1% for the Planet is a global movement inspiring businesses and individuals to support environmental solutions through annual memberships and they certify your donations.See this article:

Latest News 

Trade-magazine MAFO´s Hanna Diewald had a conversation with your own GreenOpticalPlanet representative,

click below to read the outcome.

January 2021

Online Magazine ECOCULT

joins in the growing number of medias who broadcasts their take on which companies and brands the consumer should trust with their sustainable eyewear shopping, highlighting the need for the eyewear industry to publish our own green directory, or even an industry certificate.  

December 2020

UCO United Creation Optical
- first to offer ISCC+ certification for recycled acetate content in their China factories.
October 2020
United Creation Optical (UCO) is the first eyewear frame manufacturer in China to obtain ISCC PLUS certification, enabling UCO to begin producing and selling frames made from Eastman Acetate Renew, which is derived entirely from biobased and certified recycled content. 

Fellow Earthlings to create an up-cycled product from their acetate scraps, and by their artistic approach to recycling, they created a premium proposition.

Fellow Earthlings collection, RE:FE.

October 2020


This company keeps its scrap acetate from the production process and has created a recycled Fellow Earthlings collection, RE:FE.
 See this article:


Marchon Adds Recycled Acetate to Sustainability Efforts

Marchon will roll out a recycled acetate material in its sunglass and optical products, with production beginning January 2021.

October 2020
Marchon have joined forces with Eastman Chemicals, in order to begin manufacturing frames from Eastman Renew acetates,  which is derived entirely from biobased and certified recycled content. Marchon will be starting the program with their Italian manufactoring base and then rolling out to their Asian manufacturing base
Skærmbillede 2020-10-25 kl. 15.27.40.png

Online Magazine `Citizen Sustainable´ 

publishes their updated 2020 list over the 10 most sustainable and ECO- friendly sunglass brands in the world.

September 2020


Each of the companies shown in this article is committed to doing more – by helping people in need or taking responsibility for the environment.

Skærmbillede 2020-09-28 kl. 17.57.00.png

Mazzuchelli to produce acetate sheet made from Eastman´s fully sustainable acetate flakes

Feburary 2020


Finally it is official, now Eastman´s chemically recycled sustainable acetate flakes will be available with Mazzuchelli. See this article:

Arkema G20:G50 renew.png

French Arkema selects Singapore for the production of its Rilsan® high-performance bio-sourced polyamides 

May 2019


This major investment bolsters our global presence in bio-sourced materials while bringing us significantly closer to our customers in Asia.See this article:

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