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 GreenOpticalPlanet Services

Our work for a greener, more sustainable, eyewear industry is aimed at presenting the best in class ranges of sustainable raw materials, as well as establishing seamless supply chain availability. We understand the opportunities and the blockers our clients face when they take steps towards a greener offering to the market.


We advise and assist our clients in establishing verifiable green sources within their supply chain. We promote a partnership approach between the supply links in order to present clear chains of custody in order to enable and qualify for certification programs.


We monitor the progress of all new raw materials and improved production techniques. This way we are able to recommend a range of the best possible  options available today, while confidently pointing towards the best options for an even better tomorrow.


Using a range of manufacturers, we establish testing of the raw materials we recommend and we suggest the best quality and most affordable options.


We offer clear steps to transition from conventional to sustainable products. 

We are pragmatic and practical in our approach to sustainability. 

We work within the realm of the possible, while constantly researching the new and upcoming.

We believe in a multi-pronged approach to the successful transition to greener products. We introduce the quick wins, while promoting a longer term plan for the creation and implementation of a sustainable range of products.

Raw materials

Each year new developments and ranges of greener, recycled, biodegradable, biobased and CO2 reduced raw materials are on offer.

We research and show the benefits and potential drawbacks to manufacturing, post production quality and costs that the alternative materials and processes have in comparison to the conventional raw materials you are currently using.

We research and test and recommend the best offers that will be most suitable to your needs, enabling you to take the shortest route possible to a sustainable offering for your customers.


While the eyewear industry has many suppliers offering recycled or downcycled materials, not all of them are verifiable or certified. Due to the cost burdens attached to certification programs, many suppliers will self attest without real substantiation.

We can either introduce you to certified raw material makes and manufacturers or else assist you in implementing certification programs, within your supply chain, that are aligned with your green objectives.


Manufacturers have varying degrees of experience and skills at working with different raw materials. We can introduce you to the manufacturers that have proven track records with working with the raw materials that you appoint, while taking into account what timelines and quality structures you might need to have in place.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control

A transparent chain of custody, combined with a reliable quality assurance and quality control support, is an absolute must for you to be able to promote your product's green claim to your end customers.

We can complement whatever resources you have in place, as well as help you to onboard any additional resources needed; in order for you to be reassured that your chain of custody, certifications and product quality is intact and marketable.

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